R: Additive Animation

  1. Background
    1. Additive Animation Is the processes of layering animation, much like my early blog it is a form of procedural animation, but it is much more focused refined and therefore much more widely used, across all forms of the animation industry.
    2. How it actually works: By using interpolation techniques refined for use as tweening based interpolation, it begun to be used to interpolate layers of animation, effectively have two or more sets of animation blended together to get a desired result, often to create transitional animation automatically increasing the flexibility of a set number of animations.
  2. Applications
    1. Commonly it is being used in both 2D and 3D animation software to increase productivity.
    2. There are also systems in place for this functionality in real time rendering systems, such as game engines.
  3. In practice
    1. The most basic way that additive animation, is used is to create additional animation cycles by combining two animations utilizing a series of tools depending on the used software.
    2. More complex forms of this can be seen in game engines in the form of blend trees, these are a collection of animation cycles that can flow from one to another using a predetermined set of rules, the rules determine the situations that the animations transition blend between each other, hopefully resulting in seamless transitions between characters animations, on top of this additional animations can be blended in to increase the variation of the animations.
  4. My Project
    1. In my project I am using the additive animation system to apply attack animations over the top of my locomotion animations, allowing me to use the same animations for attacking while moving, and attacking while standing, removing a bunch of unnecessary work.


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