Collaboration and Teamwork Overview

Throughout this trimester I have worked on several different projects and also participated during in-class discussions and feedback sessions.

In Class Discussions and Collaboration:

Unfortunately, I cannot post any evidence of this but I have participated in the discussions and feedback sessions that we had weekly. During these sessions, I always tried to be positive, give both warm and constructive feedback and also give some advice on how they could go about fixing something.

One example of this was in one of the project presentations in which Lachlan showed his robot model. He said that he had been using turbo smooth but it had not worked properly on a particularly area and did not know how he could fix it. I suggested using OpenSubdiv instead and gave him a quick demonstration of how to use it. Lachlan took this advice and then incorporated OpenSubdiv into his model.

I found these feedback session incredibly helpful, especially when multiple faciliators were there, as it helped to get many different eyes on my project. When I still had the animation project, it was really good to get feedback and advice on my animations from Chris.

On Slack:

I like to be both positive but also constructive with my feedback over Slack. Some examples are below.

In the Studio 3 Slack channel we would post progress and give feedback on our projects:


Although I never ended up creating assets for the Studio 2 game “The Apprentice” I helped them in the early stages of its construction by helping the designers find a game design that would fit with the “Trust” brief:



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