Technical Framework Overview.

Throughout this trimester, I have used a technical frameworks that have allowed me to create work more efficiently and effectively. This blog post is a summary of the framework that I have used and is partly made up of blogs that I had written throughout the trimester.

In regards to the Worldbuilder Project, creating a set technical framework and and file structure was my main strategy to avoid issues that I have faced in the past with file corruption and data loss. Using a proper file structure saved time by keeping my files organised.

Below is a screencap that shows the file structure I used for the Worldbuilders project:

file management

This system was described to my class by Brett, one of our facilitators.

This is how it works:

You have one master folder, for ease of copying the entire library for backup purposes. Inside the master folder, you have folders named as the assets, these contains the asset master file, that is used as the source for all referenced files, as well as the textures, and a final folder containing the iterative versions of the asset.

Using this system in combination with the Unreal “reimport” feature allows for quick and easy updating of files.

How I used this system:

I used this system for all assets but will use the garbage can as an example:

  1. I created the asset
  2. I incrementally saved it as “GarbageCan” with version numbers
  3. And gave the most updated version of it the file name “Master_GarbageCan”
  4. I then brought it into the Unreal engine
  5. And placed it where I want it
  6. I then looked to see what needed changing – it was too small and the lid shape was wrong
  7. I then fixed the asset in 3DsMax
  8. Saved it incrementally
  9. And saved over the “Master_GarbageCan” file
  10. Back in the Unreal engine I simply clicked on the garbage can and selected “reimport”
  11. This reimported the “Master_GarbageCan” file (which had just been updated)
  12. This quickly swapped the old version with the new version without changing the placement of the object in the Unreal scene

My thoughts on this workflow:

Using this system allows me to quickly and easily test my assets in-engine and then fix them and reimport them without having to exit Unreal or reposition them. By having both 3DsMax and Unreal open at the same time, I can quickly jump from one program to the other and quickly create, test, fix and reimport assets. This system is much more efficient than the one I had been using previously and I will definitely be using it for all future projects.

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