Pitching an APOCALYPSE

Here is my pitch video.


From this pitch and presentation I received a small amount of feedback. The feedback and my response, thoughts and planning is as follows:

#1: Silhouettes, colour and negative space should be the primary focus.

Agreed, Olly Moss’ use of these elements is iconic and essential to his work. I have already been brainstorming and considering how i will use these elements and am planning to do more mock-ups and tests to play with different uses of silhouette, colour and space.

I am also considering how the message and tone of the game will be conveyed through the silhouettes, colours and space. As mentioned by my facilitator, Missile Command makes a very clear statement about nuclear warfare through its use of the words “The End”. I will be considering what my game is saying about this ending. I still need to figure out and define what this game is the end of, what nuclear war is the end of. Going deeper than that, endings can be beginnings. Does this mean my game is about the beginning of something?

These are things that I still need to brainstorm and work out. Once I do, it will very much inform the use of silhouettes, colour and negative space.

#2: Does the player have to move between depth planes?

No. Despite the 3d environment, players will interact with the game as though it as 2d, just like the original Missile Command. Also, players defensive interactions will effect everything, regardless of depth.


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