Postmortem – Banksy Patrol


Banksy Patrol is a 2d side-scrolling reimaging of the Game moon patrol, inspired by the street artist Banksy. This was a solo project. Overall I feel the project was successful, as it completed all core requirements, and my goals for the project. However if the tasking, time management, and documentation processes where better the project would have had a smoother development and more polished finish.


The scope on Banksy Patrol was the most well managed scope that I have ever had in any project that I have worked on. I was timid in working on a solo project in the sight line of others; being my teachers and my peers, as I did not want to make a fool of myself. This resulted in taking a very stripped back approach to the project, limiting everything to the bare minimal before moving forward. This helped the project to have something close to a successful outcome. The reasons for my scope management were not the best reasons to have successful scope management, but in the end had a positive effect. Moving forward I will work harder to be more considerate with about my workload in regards to deadlines and my personal situation. To do this I will put more focus into the project planning so that it has a stronger direction. This plan will include break points to allow for discarding of unnecessary work to lighten the load when needed.

Slow Productivity

The project was not completed to the desired degree regardless of the scope. The minimal and ineffective documentation really hampered productivity. The documentation was not well thought out or kept up to date as well as it should have been. This is a recurring problem that is just going to take personal effort to improve. To move forward with this problem I plan to keep a notes document open while working to dot-point with progress as I go. Than after a work session is completed I will have a log of my work and thought process. I can use this for updating tasking, and updating documentation, and writing Dev Logs while I work. To avoid any negative impacts this new process may have on my development process and productivity for the remainder of the tiremaster I will be starting this new process over the 3 week break.

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