Postmortem – Clutter Tool


In the Clutter Tool project we were tasked with making a tool that could be used by us and others to improve the productivity and workflow of future projects. I was initially excited as Tool development has been something that has interested me since I got into programing. But after the idea had been settled on it quickly became apparent that the team was leaderless, unmotivated and unwilling to communicate. This resulted in production conflicts and the project simply grinding to a halt, and being abandoned shortly afterwards.

Team Communication

This is probably one of the least communicative teams that I have ever worked with. At the beginning of the project when deciding what we wanted to do as a team, there was minimal input from one of the team members and borderline nothing from the other. I believe this was caused by the desire from both of the other two members for their to be a dedicated team leader, combined with my reluctance to be team lead. I was recovering from personal issues so I was on the back foot and not as willing to drive the project as I normally would but that does not excuse the complete lack of communication from the other team members. Moving forward I plan to implement a contact standard for projects. Each team and project is different, but if I push the team to work together to agree on; Contact method. Weekly team cowork hours. Daily check ins. This will hopefully avoid the pit of failure to communicate that this project fell into.


There was only a single document to attempt to organise this project. Not only was this ineffective but directly hampering, as no one updated their sections as they worked, this combined with the communication issues resulted in confronting work, this negatively impacted everyone. I believe this was caused by a combination of no direct team lead, and no one actually caring enough to try, myself included. This is not a work environment where team members actively want to work in a team or keep their jobs. In my experience with student projects, students will not work unless they are motivated to do so, this also includes myself. Moving forward I would like to make sure that everyone in the team is onboard and motivated to work on projects before we commence the division of work. To do this I will actively work towards making sure team projects have at least one exiting element for each member involved. This combined with a agreed upon contact standard should hopefully build a strong foundation for future group projects.

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