Introduction to Studio 2

What did I learn about my practice in Studio 1?

I learned that I do not work well when trying to make my own goals. This is a key issue that I know has affected me all throughout my studies, but only reality clicked that it was a key issue that had such a drastic flow on effect, during the wrap up of studio 1. Ways that I plan to mitigate this issue is to find someone I can use to help me plan realistic Finish Lines and Checkpoints. This someone should if possible be close to the project for a better perspective of the requirements, but if necessary, a friend or coworker that is willing to help. Finish Lines, are key stopping points, times where the body of work should meet a deliverable state, with realistic time frames, these are discussed and planned with the review of the someone. Checkpoints self reflections of the body of work between finish lines, where I check for any Redflags.

Redflags are as follows;

  • I do not have the necessary knowledge to complete a task.
    • Solution; is to do some research, and ask for help.
  • I have spent far to long on the same task.
    • Solution; reorder priorities and finalise talk to minimum viable.
  • No documentation, jumped into production with too little planing
    • Solution, step back and reassess planing.

What do you already know about AI? what do you want to learn?

I know that AI is about deriving a state from inputs, resulting in a desired behavior, that can be counted on to respond in the expected way when encountering the same world state. This is a wordy way of saying we expect an AI entity to react to stuff and things in a predictable way within the desired framework of that AI entities world space.

I want to learn about how we make AI appear to make smart decisions, I want to learn about how they communicate with other game systems. And how to make that an interesting thing for an external force(such as a player) to interact with.

What do you already know about maths and curves in games? what would you like to know?

Maths in general are one of my weakest areas of knowledge, If it is logic based maths I feel I have a strong understanding but dealing with numbers and doing complicated mathematics is something that I struggle with on a regular basis, but I feel this is an area of self development, more than a focus for studies.

I want to know lots of cool formula and curves and how they work so I can use them to implement interesting behaviors in efficient ways( the area of efficiency is relative to the task).

What do you expect to out get out of Studio 2? What do you want to get out of Studio 2?

I am expecting to get a lot of understanding of some of the more complicated areas of games development, and to hopefully make some interesting stuff. But what I would really like to double down on is sumilatory systems and how to make them resilient enough that they can work in conjunction to become more than a sum of their parts.

What is my end goal.

My end goal is to come out on the other side of studio 2 with some great knowledge about AI and system interactions.

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