Moving Forward

After what feels like weeks of procrastination and struggle, with motivation and depression being punctuated by suffering a rather severe ankle injury. I finally think I am ready to push past the struggle and just get this shit done. So here is my plan to do just that. Good luck me, I guess.

Demonstration of AI – GOAP

My current demonstration of Ai in the creature feature project is lacking in its implementation. The integration of the AI with entities, world generation, and pathfinding are overly interconnected, and poorly planned. Resulting in any changes to one system require full thought to how it will impact the other systems, this is a big mess that is overly complicated to work with. To mitigate this and demonstrate ai without driving myself insane, I have decided to demonstrate through a different project that’s soul focus is the ai itself without any other complicated systems.

High Concept

Cover the idea of the project, the AI system, and the limited supliment systems.

Ai Breakdown

An in depth point to point breakdown and plan of the AI system.

Tech Spec

A breakdown of the supliment systems.

Tech Spec Documents

I need more progress on these in the areas of Writing and Updating. I plan to cover these with the GOAP project and the WOFSM project.


Post Mortems

Up to this point I believe that I have shown that I know how to write a decent post mortem, I just need more examples of that. I will be writing a post mortem for each of the coming projects. These being:

  • Creature feature
  • Home
  • GOAP

Tech User Doc for WorkOrderFSM

This is a small WIP project that I used to focus myself back into work after my injury. It is designed to make moving forward with the GOAP project easier, and also to prove to myself that I knew how to write a useable abstract Object Oriented class.

User Manual

Being I plan to release the WorkOrderFSM project as a public Git that others can download and use in their own projects. It needs a user manual.

Tech Spec

The tech spec will accompany the user manual as breakdown of the abstract class as a how and why.

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