Missile Command In The Style Of Olly Moss


Upon analysing Olly Moss’s work, a lot of the work is in portrait, so I have made the decision to lean into that, and lock my project to a portrait 3:2 ratio. But by making this decision the necessary width to fit the 1:3 base to city ratio, did not fit with the level of detail that I would like to achieve with the silhouette design of the missile bases and the cities that they defend. Looking into Moss’s works for inspiration to abate this issue looking at this piece in particular.


This piece of work has great use of depth stepped through very defined layers. I would like to take advantage of the layers by parallaxing my Bases and Cities. My first test below.

Art Mockup

I really like the result of this test, as it allowed me to discover solutions to problems that I had not even begun to think about like how the layers would affect interactions with Bases, Cities, and the missiles sent to destroy them. After what I believed a successful result in the first art test. I Decided to lean heavy into the idea of layers and create a more polished concept to better test the idea of one Base/City per layer. This is the finished concept.


I am very happy with the result, the level of detail is less than I would like in the final version, but I definitely believe that this is very representative of the final work.

Fight Mock up

Colour and Colouring.

Early on while researching ‘Missile Command’ I had decided that I wanted a Monochromatic look to lean into the dystopian mood set by the context with which the game is played, Although I had intended to use a method that I have used in previous work by making all the work grayscale and colouring through a simple post effect through the use of an overlay colour, but while discussing my ideas on the colour style that I had planned and the methought that I just described with Erika Verkaaik, a talented artist, and Photoshop wizard. Erika showed me a way of creating a much more reliable and controllable post effect that replicates the end result without affecting the clarity of the blacks and whites that come with colour overlay effects, through using Colour Balancing. Here are the Results below.

Art Mockup_OverlayVsBalance

Using this method Allows the Dark and light tones that to keep their clarity while allowing me to play with the colour as needed, this also simplifies the asset creation with grayscale assets.

Missile Trails

I wanted to make the missile trails very defined, so I used a solid black, with a puffy cloud style inspired by Vlambeer’s LUFTRAUSERS fluffy clouds as well as the fluffy clouds in the previous Firewatch example. More discussion with Erika, by her suggestion to work with the silhouette created by the clouds in the way Olly Moss often adds double meanings in his silhouette design. And the way the shadows are used in ‘Serial Experiments Lain’. Example Below.


So from this we added a red, not grayscale to the smoke trails. As seen below.

Art Mockup

This evolved as I created the more detailed concept, making the explosion of the defence missiles a solid circle like in the original missile command. As seen below.

Missiles Incoming.

To stop any issue with the mechanics, regardless of the layer an explosion from a defence missile will span the entire depth of the game, while the incoming missiles will target a specific base/city.

Thanks for reading.